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Welcome to the website of George Right (Yury Nesterenko) - SF/fantasy/horror writer, poet (and song wtiter), journalist and amateur photographer. I am (unfortunately) of Russian origin, but I left that damned Empire of Evil forever, and now I am an American living in the USA (please never call me "Russian" again!). While most of materials on my website are in Russian, below you can see a list of texts and other stuff which can be interesting to English speakers (and to people who know some other languages).

I am greatly interested in translation and publishing of my SF and fantasy novels and other texts in the USA and other countries (in any languages). I am also interested in cooperation with computer games developers (I was a co-author of several Russian games, including critically acclaimed "Space Rangers"), film makers, graphic novels creators and so on. So if you can help - contact me! Any form of cooperation is possible and welcome. I have LOTS of ideas for those who need them! See details on the annotation page. Till now, 7 of my books were sold in Russia, also many of my stories and short novels were published in anthologies and magazines in several countries.

For now, you may buy these my books in English:

Paper editions:
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Kindle editions:
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You can also look at my photos (aviation, cars, nature and others) here (older) and here (newer) and watch my videos at my youtube channel; here is my article based on my visit to Georgia (a country in Caucasus, not a US state; the article is in Russian, but it is illustrated by more than 200 beautiful photos of modern Georgia). Also you can look at some fan-art for my novels ("Hunting for an Island" and "Time of Sword"). And here are big-sized cover and back cover of my book "The Wings".

And here is my music in form of PDF scores and youtube videos. Lyrics may be Russian. English or German, but music is universal anyway, so click the icons even if you don't understand the titles ;)

However, until I get some great offer from a world-known publisher ;), I do really need money for a living. So, if you like anything on my website - or just want to support me -

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Table of contents

Humour 0A programmers
Applied monsterology
Computer Bible
Desert Storm - 2, or WinWars 2002
    (other translations: German, Spanish, Polish, Bolgarian)
From the notes of the African explorer
"God, give me memory..."
Hardware Problem
If Bill Gates were a police chief...
If "Titanic" would have been completed a 100 years later...
If programmers were builders...
Land of the Free
Project Genesis (other translations: Bolgarian)
What I've learned about America from Hollywood films
Prose See Paris and Die (NEW!)
The Farm (published in BuzzyMag)
Poems Black and White Autumn
"Der ferne Glockenklang..." (in German)
"Enjoy the silence"
Gottesvogel (in German)
Mai (in German)
"Processing data is the only thing..."
To Optimist in Russia
Verzweiflung (in German)
Song lyrics (stylizations) Bombs away! (Russia, good-bye!)
Desperate Blues
Endless Game
Landserlied (in German)
Luftwaffelied (Es rollt der Motor) (in German)
Royal Guard Anthem (from the novel "The Queen's Game")
Run, Billy, run!
Spring Song
Take off and fight!
Troops of Satan
Translations 5400 (8200) (Boris Grebenschikov)
Arlequin's song
Comrade Medvedev (Rabfak)
Crystal Balls (Boris Grebenshchikov)
For greater glory of your Greece... (Michael Shcherbakov)
Islands (Michael Shcherbakov)
Little Girlie (Crematorium)
Loud Thoughts (self translation)
Midnight (Night before the War)(Tam Greenhill)
National Anthem of Ukraine
The Black Cat (Michael Tanich)
What a Nightmare...(Michael Shcherbakov)
Wind of North (Tam Greenhill)
"Yet the grayest of skies can be hardly compared to land..." (self translation)
Non-fiction Exodus (other translations:Estonian Ukrainian)
Nine signs they're selling you a sack of shit
Soft & other stuff HTMLgen v.2.5 - if you have many files and want to generate an html list of them, use this utility. It also makes thumbnails for you.
ICQxstr - if your ICQ history is damaged, try this to recover info into a text file. Just run:
ICQxstr path\yourUINnumber.dat output_file interlocutorUIN. Source included.
Advanced renamer- if you need to rename files named prefixSOMELETTERSpostfix.ext to prefix2SOMELETTERSpostfix2.ext, just run:
rnm prefix*postfix.ext prefix2*postfix2.*
Antiword - removes garbage tags from MS Word-created htmls, making them several times smaller
DATE.CPP - C++ class for work with DOS filedate format
Cleaner - File garbage collector (set condition and delete matching files through the whole disk)
DBFviewer - tiny DBF viewer
Siegparade - Mission pack for "Il-2 Sturmovik: 1946" flight sim
Winamp Castle - skin for Winamp music player
The Battle Tetris - cool small DOS game for 2 players; it has Russian doc, but English interface. It is easy to understand, but if you need doc, inform me, I'll write English ver. ;)
TSR jokes - tiny DOS jokes (not viruses or so on!). Written in ancient times, so you need an util to slow down your computer to watch these jokes.
Bugfix for Crimson Skies Game - restore your lost savefile!

Don't hesitate to e-mail me!

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