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by Yury Nesterenko

0A programmers: how it was in USA and in Russia. These variants
are not equal!

		0A programmers

0A young programmers began to work online,
One didn't pay for Internet, and then there were 9.

9 young programmers used copies that they made,
But one was caught by FBI, and then there were 8.

8 young programmers discussed about heaven,
One said "It's Windows 95!", and then there were 7.

7 young programmers found bugs they tried to fix,
But one was fixed by the bug, and then there were 6.

6 young programmers were testing the hard drive,
One got the string "Format complete", and then there were 5.

5 young programmers were running the FrontDoor,
The BBS of one was hacked, and then there were 4.

4 young programmers worked using only C,
One said some good about Pascal, and then there were 3.

3 young programmers didn't know what to do,
One tried to call the on-line help, and then there were 2.

2 young programmers were testing what they've done,
One got a virus in his brain, and then there was 1.

1 young programmer was mighty as a hero,
But tried to speak with user, and then there were 0.

Boss cried:"Oh, where is the program we must have?!"
And fired one programmer, and then there were FF.

              0A программистов

0A программистов продукт решили сделать,
Один спросил "А деньги где?", и их осталось 9.

9 программистов предстали перед боссом,
Один из них не знал FoxPro, и их осталось 8.

8 программистов купили IBM,
Один сказал "Мак лучше!", и их осталось 7.

7 программистов хотели help прочесть,
У одного покрылся винт, и их осталось 6.

6 программистов пытались код понять,
Один из них сошел с ума, и их осталось 5.

5 программистов купили CD-ROM,
Один принес китайский диск - остались вчетвером.

4 программиста работали на Си,
Один из них хвалил Паскаль, и их осталось 3.

3 программиста в сети играли в DOOM,
Один чуть-чуть замешкался, и счет стал равен двум.

2 программиста набрали дружно: "win"
Один устал загрузки ждать - остался лишь 1.

1 программист все взял под свой контроль,
Hо встретился с заказчиком, и их осталось 0.

0 программистов ругал сердитый шeф,
Потом уволил одного, и стало их FF.

(C) YuN, 1997 

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