Taiwan vs. Ukraine. Where Is the F*cking Logic?

by George Right


Russia has nuclear weapons.

China has nuclear weapons.

Russia falsely claims to have "the second army in the world", which is in fact very ineffective, outdated and badly commanded. More than a half of that army is already destroyed by the Ukrainian armed forces. Russian navy is even weaker than Russian ground forces, without a single operational aircraft carrier.

China actually has the second army in the world. Chinese navy is the second largest navy in the world in terms of tonnage and the first one in terms of ships number (including 3 aircraft carriers).

Russian population is about 140 million, 2.35 times less than in the USA.

Chinese population is about 1.4 billion, the largest one in the world, 10 times more than in Russia, 4.2 times more than in the USA.

Russia is insignificant for the US economy.

China is significant for the US economy; almost every American household buys Chinese goods.

Russia is a devoted enemy of the USA and their allies; the hatred to the West is the core of the Russian ideology and propaganda.

China is definitely not a friend of the USA and their allies, but not a devoted enemy as well - at least not as devoted as Russia is.

Russia will always support China.

China will not always support Russia.

Ukraine is an independent state recognized by all UNO members (moreover, it's even one of the UNO founders).

Taiwan is not recognized as an independent state by most of UNO members, including the USA which also considers Taiwan as a part of China.

Ukraine is not a NATO member, but urges to be. It is very pro-American and pro-Western.

Taiwan is not a NATO member and is not going to be. It is probably less pro-Western than Ukraine.


The US government promises to protect Taiwan with American military force in case of Chinese aggression; also it provides Taiwan with modern weaponry, including combat aircraft (and I completely support this position because we must protect freedom and democracy from tyranny and aggression).

The US government promises NOT to send a single American military man to protect Ukraine from the ongoing most brutal and lawless Russian aggression; moreover, even after more than a year of this ruthless aggression the US government refuses to provide Ukraine with the most needful weaponry, including long-range missiles and combat aircraft.

I am not even asking about the ethics, but WHERE IS THE F*CKING LOGIC?!

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