No, Mr. Biden, I Will Not Comply!

by George Right

This is how Joe Biden sees an ideal citizen - blindfold and muzzled

First of all, I must correct my former statement. In my previous video I've said that face masks do not hurt our health. The truth is, they do. British medics report unprecedented rates of dermatitis caused by wearing masks (and it happens not only to healthcare workers but to common people, too). However, in the very same Great Britain masks are still repressively enforced by huge fines. And it is not only a British problem. Everywhere in our world - which was once known as "the free world" - the incompetent government knows only one response to any challenge - oppression, restriction, coercion. The brute force, which is not just offensive but also simply ineffective.

As the Covid-19 pandemic drastically rises worldwide, many people may think that the more cases we have, the more obvious is the need to wear masks. And president-elect Biden is among them; in his first speech after his proclaimed victory he urged everyone to wear masks - and, which is much worse, he is going to make it mandatory after he takes power in January, making the USA the same concentration camp Europe already is. But this exactly fits the definition of an idiot given by Albert Einstein. According to Einstein, an idiot is a person who keeps doing the same thing in a hope to get a different result. So, the truth is just the opposite - the more cases we have, the more obvious is the fact that masks do not help against the pandemic. Even in the countries when they are enforced in the strictest way.

And that's not just an empirical fact - it has a very simple explanation. As I've explained already, the only thing a mask can do is to protect others from a coughing or sneezing person who does not maintain social distance, but wears a mask. But the majority of people today tries to keep the social distance, and even if they cannot - almost everyone covers his/her mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. This is done automatically without any mask. Thus, while in theory masks stop respiratory droplets of an infected person (not all of them but most of them), in practice they do not add any additional protection to the already existing. In fact, masks can only worsen the situation by giving the people the false feeling of protection and making them forget about the social distance and about washing hands after touching the fomites (the things which an infected person could have touched).

So masks are not only humiliating to our dignity and oppressive to our liberty - they are, actually, harmful to our health and ineffective against the pandemic. So we must resist the mandatory masks all possible ways. In the countries where masks are enforced by law, it can be fought in courts, and there were successful precedents already (in Düsseldorf and in Prague); the new proofs that masks cause dermatitis can significantly improve such lawsuits. Mass protest actions against such laws can also work. And if masks are not mandatory by law, you are not obliged to obey any demand to wear them. You should know that in most places, like stores, despite any placards like "Mask required to enter", the employees are not authorized to stop you or move you out by force. They have no right to touch you physically. They may only tell you to wear a mask. Don't be aggressive, don't be rude (remember - they are just doing what their bosses told them), especially don't yell, because yelling also spreads respiratory droplets. Just explain them politely that, while you are keeping the social distance and cover your face in case of coughing and sneezing, you are not dangerous. Wearing a T-shirt like mine helps a lot - you wilt not even need to say anything. Most employees don't want any conflict (and many of them are tired of mask paranoia, too), so if you are polite (but steady on your position), they will not confront you, too. It's also a good idea to come during early or late hours when there are not many other customers. And always remember to keep the social distance when you meet them inside - that helps much greater than wearing a mask.

Please help to share this information. Resist against the mandatory masks!


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