5400 (8200)1

	by Boris Grebenschikov

	Translated by Yury Nesterenko

5400 miles of void space -
But we have no place where nighttime to spend.
I could be happy, if you weren't the case,
If you weren't the case, my mother - my land...

I could be happy, but should I now tut?
Just we have red where all the others have blue;
Silver through the wind, and the sickle through the heart -
And, like a Syrin2 bird, my soul will fly over you.

Original song (mp3)

1. The original title is "8200", because the span is measured in verstas (old Russian linear measure). Versta is about 0.66 of a mile.
2. Syrin - a mythical bird with woman's head and breast from Russian folklore.