Take off and fight!

by George Right

All Europe is crushed by the German jackboot,
The Nazis are ready to win.
A bunch of old fighters - half-metal, half-wood -
Is almost all left in between.

For Britain, for freedom, for all we must save -
Bad odds, but the stakes are too high! -
No rest, no repair, they come wave by wave,
Reload and get back to the sky!

Take off and fight!
This is our final stand.
Tremendous might
Is invading our Motherland.
No time to cry,
You still have some asses here to kick
Before you die,
So push the throttle and pull the stick!

The fires, ruins and ashes in Köln and Berlin.
The hell comes from heaven today.
The hordes of Lancasters and B-17s
Are sweeping our country away.

We are outnumbered at least one to five,
We're running of fuel - so what?
Our women and children are burning alive,
So fight, whether you can or not!

Steig an! Zu Schlacht!
Das ist unser letzte Rand.
Enorme Macht
Stürzt sich auf das Vaterland.
Zu klag'n ist blöd,
Manche Feinde müssen zahlen teuer
Vor deinem Tod,
So drück den Gashebel und zieh die Steuer!


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