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Arlequin's song

by Joseph Brodsky (1961) and George Right (2019)

Through all kind of land I am drawing my show,
And what did I see, living long enough?
A piece of flesh is plodding below,
A piece of metal is flying above.

From age to age we are same way bound:
All living persons will lie underground,
Unhappy and happy,
In love and in hate -
Yet countless millions have met their fate.

Some men say - try
To comfort yourself,
And others cry -
For them you should die.
For some - due to age, 
For some - due to rage,
For some - due to love, or to books on the shelf.

But will you be good or will you be not,
No one is delivered from everyone's lot,
Whatever you wish, whomever you trust,
But everything living will vanish at last.

Some men say - you go to paradise,
And others say - your mark stays when you're gone,
But all this are only consoling lies!
And what's the way out? And there is just none.

Through shadowy land I am drawing my show,
And all what I saw, living long enough -
A piece of flesh is plodding below,
A piece of metal is flying above...

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