by Ion Degen (1944)                        translated by Yury Nesterenko (2021)             
Мой товарищ, в смертельной агонии          O my comrade, in your final misery               
Не зови понапрасну друзей.                 Do not call - all in vain - for your friends,    
Дай-ка лучше согрею ладони я               But instead, while your blood drains so easily,  
Над дымящейся кровью твоей.                In its steam let me warm up my hands.               
Ты не плачь, не стони, ты не маленький,    Do not whine, do not moan, it's all flummery,    
Ты не ранен, ты просто убит.               You are not wounded, you are just slain.        
Дай на память сниму с тебя валенки.        Let me take your felt boots in your memory -     
Нам ещё наступать предстоит.               We still must go to battle again.

This poem. depicting the reality of war contrary to official propaganda, was impossible to be published in the USSR (even the name of the author, who survived the war, was unknown). It was published in Russia only in early 1990-s.
NB. The poem was written in Dec 1944. The war in Europe was going to the end, the Soviet army was advancing in all fronts - but Soviet soldiers still lacked proper footgear.

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