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Run, Russian, run!

by George Right

Russian Zombies in Ukraine
Bring destruction, death and pain,
Doing all the awful things -
They are beasts, not human beings!
But for every their crime
They will pay, and it's the time.
Choose your targets, time has come -
Clean Ukraine from Russian scum!

Run, Russian, run,
Burn, Russian, burn!
Job will be done,
It’s our turn!
Lie, Russian, lie,
Lie underground,
Die, Russian, die,
It’s our round!

Evil in its purest form
Is the only Russian norm,
Just as long as it exists
Russia is the land of beasts
Bringing slavery and war,
But it should exist no more!
Launch your missiles, time has come -
Clean the world from Russian scum!


Aug 2022

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