Desperate Blues

by George Right

I was doing things which I hate to do
Day and night just to earn a buck,
And while all went on wrong I still tried to keep strong
Say'n' all I need was a bit of luck.
But no luck I could find in a local store,
Let alone in nationwide news,
And when I felt to my core I couldn't bear any more,
I just sang my desperate blues.

So lucky I was, each my deal was a loss,
And a noose started look'n like a lure,
But I told myself: guy, you should not ever try -
If you do, the rope snaps for sure.
When you think that things cannot become any worse,
You still find you have something to lose.
Life has no remorse; you can't beat it by force,
Neither by the desperate blues.

And when you think things are better, you'd better think twice -
That'll save you from some surprise;
Every time you are thinking you got a free prize,
You will probably pay double price.
But life's a thing no one can survive anyway,
So relax and don't ask for clues;
It is far from a feast but it inspires at least
To produce the desperate blues.


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