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	   Endless Game
	(Old British song)
	by George Right

Your heart was hot, but your life was dry,
All days were really same...
And you came to us; you wanted to try
To play our endless game.

Your father was an esteemed man,
He gave you a noble name...
But you - you forgot it all and began
To play our endless game.

Your card was beaten, your bet was lost,
Misfortune surely came,
But you understood, how much it does cost
To play our endless game.

You lost your parents, you lost your friends,
"You rascal!" - people exclaim,
But a person who comes to us never ends
To play our endless game.

You tried to stop; you wanted to pay
For every error and blame,
But you had to see the only your way:
To play our endless game.

You tore the rope around your neck,
You passed through water and flame,
You saw life and death, but then you came back
To play our endless game.

You sold your soul, you knew the pain,
And once, in squalor and shame,
You died like a rat, unable again
To play our endless game.

A simple fate, a lesson to learn:
All passes - money and fame.
You finished your turn, and we - we return
To play our endless game...


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