Comrade Medvedev

by Rabfak group
Translated by Yury Nesterenko

The greatest, the proudest of nations we are,
The right guy is leading our people so far.
His bitching blue jacket is shaking our throng.
He's strict, he sure knows what's right and what's wrong.

Oh tell us, big man, where the hell do we go?
It's pitch-dark, we're wading through now mud then snow!
Oh comrade Medvedev, could you please explain...
"Just follow me and stop fucking my brain!"

We've left pregnant wives and our homes behind;
A torch lit in sky occupies our mind,
And radiant future so closely glares,
And if someone snuffs it, then fuck him, who cares?


He got secret knowledge, no wonder he did;
His conscience is cleaner than that of a kid.
Watch him on TV, hang on lips of the star -
The right guy is leading our people so far.


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