Midnight (Night before the War)

by Tam Greenhill (Natalia Novikova)

Translated by Yury Nesterenko

Will mourn for all those who will fall in this battle, weeping cold dew
Mean light
Of setting sun lit us while we stood right on the edge, me and you,
Stood and silently prayed, minding names no more,
But I knew there would be a war.

For a change of the fate is too late right before the last fight
Stars which saved us before now will guide our way outside
We are still on this side, and it's not the end yet,
But the crown of revenge burns already ahead.

Are all that flames will leave from the words and lore on a page
Of distant lightning are melting the night sky with imminent rage
Grief is right at the door, the grim note hit the road,
In this ground we will find our death and our final abode.

Heath cover the ruins of our home will rest in the end
Being scared to bring new unrest, will forever avoid this land
Only blossoming plains, only midnight to mourn,
We will pass, but we will still return.

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