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The Formula of Peace

by Yury Nesterenko
Translated by AI ChatGPT (it failed to keep the original meter):

On every filth that echoes in the air,
There's just one answer that I hold:
Death to all who speak of peace and care,
Until the Russian scum is unrolled!

No matter who they are or where they stand,
A minister or even a president grand,
Those who help Russia stay and expand,
They are accomplices, Russia's hand.

Who let Mariupol and Bucha bleed,
Accepting evil's vile existence,
Who possesses a powerful army's lead,
But shuns war with no resistance,

And even denies Ukraine's claim,
To destroy the common foe's game,
Must be seen now, with no shame,
As an enemy with no fame.

Even if they supply arms and aid,
What they withhold is of greater sway,
For cowards don't need to have displayed,
To move Ukraine forward on its way.

Have idiots forgotten history's call?
Time to remind (or repeat) the play,
Of Bernadotte's attempts to forestall,
Reconciling Israelis and Arabs, they say!

But Russians are viler than the Arabs' role,
Their evil spreads wide, consuming every soul,
From this global darkness, they take control,
Cowardly concessions won't heal, nor console.

On the contrary, they'll be spurred anew,
The already weakened Russian crew,
Who dares not cure this infection's brew,
Will perish in Russia's fiery stew.

Cowardly, insignificant souls they seem,
Biting on Russia's pitiful bluff,
More despicable and brainless than a beam,
Afraid to leave the warm, cozy trough.

Embracing Shakespeare's "familiar evil" creed,
They're ready again for "peace" to plead,
To sit with cannibals, they give no heed,
Thinking their deeds will make wars recede.

Each bastard should have learned by now,
Today they dine, tomorrow they're the chow,
But their cowardice, it does avow,
That Ukraine's blood they continue to sow.

Want peace? Then give them planes and more,
Rockets, ships, let the arsenal soar,
Don't try to preserve the swamp's core,
The source of war and misery galore.

Don't meddle in matters you weren't bade,
Negotiations won't heal Russia's raid,
The end of war means Russia's fade,
And nothing else, let it be conveyed.

August 2023

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