Spring Song
    (a Maniac's Serenade)
	by George Right

When apple trees are blossoming white,
And days are shiny and long,
And nightingales sing all over night
Their jingly beautiful song,

As crystal lake at quiet sunrise,
As calm and clean is my heart,
I want to be so gentle and nice,
And never do any hurt -

But voices in my head
Tell me to do that!

When light is bright, but brightness is light,
And winds are tender and warm,
The nature is a paradise sight,
So far from thunder and storm.

I want to hear the whisper of cane,
The purl of garrulous fleet
And flutes and fiddles which tissue the strain,
Sirenic, dulcet and neat -

But voices in my mind
Aren't of that kind!

When flowers scent and butterflies play
In ether, clear and serene,
All dismal thoughts are moving away
And lips are shaping a grin.

When silver moon is floating aloft
Among the brilliant stars,
I want to treat you blandly and soft,
Without wounds, cuts and scars -

But voices in my brain
Make me to bring pain!

When bumble-bees fly over the grass,
Which is so virent and fresh,
I have to take a shatter of glass
And mangle your mignon flesh.

When apple trees are blossoming white,
I can't feel myself allright -

And voices in my head
Make me indeed mad!


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