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by Yury Nesterenko
Translated by AI ChatGPT (it failed to keep the original meter):

Oh Titus Vespasian, Caesar of Rome,
Better if you, fool, had just stayed home.
If someone could just halt that notion,
You wouldn't head to Judea's commotion.

A fanatical people dwell there,
Their ways reversed, it's tough to compare.
You give them thesis, they give you scorn,
Beat and crucify them - they'll be reborn.

Exile to Caucasus or drown them whole,
Neither Caesar nor Jupiter control.
Neither one nor the other they'll embrace,
Stubbornly clinging to their Jehovah's grace.

Bacon they won't eat, sidelocks they wear,
Don't hope to impose your laws there.
In a minute, they'll bypass them, I bet,
So better not plunge into this fret.

You'll triumph, of course, no dispute here,
Their Temple you'll turn to rubble severe.
All troublemakers you'll torture, a display,
But what a heap of woes you'll get, I say!

Keep them far away with their divine,
Not on the Tiber's banks, close to your line.
Let them live entirely beyond your border,
But you'll drag them with force, like a hoarder.

Eager to march, left-right, left-right,
Leaving descendants the mess to fight.
And what's the outcome, the balances here?
Whose God and finances will soon be near?

In the struggle of new faith, you'll find,
Neither Jupiter nor Venus you'll unwind,
Even Caesars will bow their heads in shame,
To the crucified Jew, they'll submit to his claim.

Both senate and knights will capitulate,
A hundredfold Jews will settle their fate.
Your great-grandson will count it as a slave's delight,
To retrieve Aristotle in Arabic's sight.

So better leave them in peace, I plead,
Don't turn our reality into this deed.
Don't hatch plans of pogroms, I say,
Titus Flavius Vespasian, Caesar of Rome, stay away!


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