#TheWeakestGeneration. Guilty

by George Right

Mr. Biden,
Herr Scholz,
M'sieur Macron,
You are guilty - not Putin alone!
While Ukrainians stand
To defend their land,
You don't want Russian evil to end!

You are cowards unwilling to fight
When the Darkness is killing the Light -
And this Darkness is weak
(Far from its former peak),
But you're flabby, hen-hearted and meak.

Well, while you do not fight for Ukraine
(All your armies are paid just in vain),
It is fighting for you,
And you should say anew
That so many do owe to so few.

So do give them the weapon at least -
Not to "stop", but to wipe out the Beast
Which is threatening all,
Which is murder and thrall,
Which's the Evil you cannot control!

But you don't! You don't want them to win!
Even after the horrors you've seen!
"Save the cannibal's face"?!
Could a worser disgrace
In your history ever take place?

Russia must disappear from the Earth,
Evil must have no chance for rebirth!
But you save it again
With the blood of Ukraine -
If you don't have a heart, where's your brain?!

I don't know what else should I tell -
You don't even deserve "Burn in hell!"
You betrayed and forgot
All your fathers had brought,
And you can't even burn.
Only rot.

June 2022

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