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Welcome to Ukraine

by Yury Nesterenko

Welcome to Ukraine, Russian piece of shit!
You will die in pain, we ensure it.
Shrapnel will explain how your entrails smell,
Welcome to Ukraine, and enjoy your hell!

Welcome to Ukraine, fucking Russian scum!
If you had a brain, you’d have never come.
Now you will in vain try to run away,
Welcome to Ukraine - here you will stay!

Welcome to Ukraine, you’ll have no escape,
For the children slain, for the wreck and rape
Now your blood will drain, that’s your judgment day -
Welcome to Ukraine, it’s your time to pay!

Welcome to Ukraine, see our azure skies,
See our gold terrain while you still have eyes!
Did you want to gain more than you can yield?
Welcome to Ukraine, fertilize our field!

Feeding our grain is your only worth,
Russia is the bane of the planet Earth.
But it won’t sustain meddling in our lands -
Welcome to Ukraine, where Russia ends!


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