Story of the Wise Wisher

by George Right

     … And he reached the end of the underground maze, and lit the  black
candles on the altar, and read out the magic spell. And  as  soon  as  he
pronounced the last word, the stone floor under his feet went apart,  and
he fell into the dark void.

     But he was not scared, as the lore forewarned him, and  he  was  not
injured, as the magic spell protected him. He fell on  the  stone  floor,
and stood up,  finding  himself  in  absolute  darkness.  And  from  that
darkness the voice came:

     “Say your wish, but choose wisely, as you have only one wish, and it
cannot be undone.”

     He was indeed wise, so he did not wish gold, nor power, nor love. He
was looking for something really significant.

     “I want to be immortal,” he thought, “but if I  say  that,  it  will
make me an old man who becomes more and more senile but never dies. So, I
should say ‘forever young.’ But then it will  turn  me  into  an  eternal
toddler. So, I should say ‘forever young adult man.’ But even a young man
can suffer from illnesses. So, I must add ‘healthy.’ But even  a  healthy
man can be killed or hurt, accidentally or intentionally.“

     So he said aloud:

     “I want to be forever young and healthy adult man, whom nothing  and
nobody will ever be able to kill or hurt”

     “Done,” answered the darkness.

     Happy, he turned around and made a step, but  bumped  into  a  stone
wall. Trying to find the way by touch, he soon  found  out  that  he  was
inside a very small underground cave, just a couple of steps  wide,  with
no way out.

     “Hey!” he cried. “Let me out of here!”

     “That’s your second wish,” answered the darkness, and these were its
last words.
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